30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 29

One thing you wish would happen, regardless of how unrealistic it might be

I want to see an epic titan battle. Wait. We got that.

Metroplex wins!

Metroplex is my kinda town!

I want to see Optimus Prime being awesome! Oh, got that too.

Optimus Prime My Name Is

The one true Prime.

I want to see some fembots! What? They’re already here?

Nautica and Chromia

My, what a big wrench you have!

OK, fine. How about Megatron as an Autobot? No way that’s going to happen! You’re kidding me. It’s really going to happen?

Autobot Megatron

Is this Shattered Glass? C’mon!

Fine. I want to see what is in Brainstorm’s briefcase. Oh, and I want to see if he’s going to put the point-one-percenter spark that he took from Luna 1 in it.

Brainstorm Mind Blown


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