30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 25

Favorite Action/Fight Scene

The titan battle in Dark Cybertron!

Ultra Magnus and the others helped Metroplex get back to Cybertron after using his thumb to find him corroding away underwater on an unknown world. He immediately began fighting against Shockwave’s undead Necrotitan, as if he knew that he needed to be there to protect Cybertron.

Metroplex Battles the Necrotitan

It’s a tale of two cities.

Unfortunately, Metroplex was still weak from all those years away from Cybertron and the Necrotitan quickly gained the upper hand.

Necrotitan gains the upper hand.

I believe in you Metroplex!

Megatron realized that Metroplex was trying desperately to get to the Lost Light because he knew that his thumb was there. Megatron, with the assistance of his new best friend, Bumblebee, used his internal space bridge to transport Metroplex’s thumb right into his waiting hand.

Metroplex smiling

How Metroplex got his thumb back.

This was all the ancient Autobot titan needed to turn the tables and stop not only the Necrotitan, but also the disease that he was spreading throughout the cybertronians in Iacon.

Metroplex wins!

Metroplex is my kinda town!

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