TF6 Announcement Was Not True – It Was Satire


OK. So I wrote this completely and utterly fake article about Transformers 6 in response to that National Report article that was getting passed around on the Transformers pages on Facebook a few days ago just to show how easy it is to do. Kudos to everyone that got the joke (even if you needed a little hint).

I didn’t mean it as any kind of social experiment or to upset anyone. I even clearly stated that it was completely false in a disclaimer at the end of the article: Continue reading

Screen Junkies – How To Fix TRANSFORMERS – Reaction

Screen Junkies posted this video on YouTube today and when I first watched it, I felt angry and needed to write my reaction. Take a look if you want:

After watching it again to get my thoughts in order for this post, I found that I wasn’t too annoyed by all of the suggestions, but most were ridiculous. First of all, who the heck is Nick Mundy and what makes him worthy of presenting these suggestions. Seriously, I’ve never heard of the guy. My impression is that he’s a loud-mouth who is trying to be one of those comics that gets laughs by being angry and loud. It doesn’t work, especially since these aren’t particularly original ideas. Even Hal Rudnick, the host seemed to be completely uninterested, bordering on annoyed. I can’t tell if he’s just not into Transformers or if it’s his guest. Anyway, here are the suggestions presented in the video.

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Transformers 4 Dinobot Slash Revealed!

Dinobot Slash

Dinobot Slash

Ha ha! Just kidding!

This is something I thew together today. I had it rolling around in my head ever since I heard that one of the Dinobots from the new movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, is going to be called Slash and I decided to give it a go.