30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 15

A Character You Want To See More Of

Obviously, there should be more Hoist. I mean he’s barely been in the comic. At least he got his own Spotlight comic. That’s more than some other ‘bots can say!


Skids got the shoulder gun idea from me.

But I’m really missing Drift. Unlike so many others, he didn’t get killed off; he just got banished. That means that it won’t take too much of a leap to bring him back to the crew. Here’s an idea:

In the prose story at the end of issue 21 – the one where the stop Tyrest and his Killswitch – Drift to Rodimus that he needed to take the blame for Overlord because Rodimus is too important. Drift mentioned his vision that something is coming and it won’t be able to be stopped unless they find the Knights of Cybertron. Enter the Dark Cybertron story. While everyone else is busy with the Necrotitan, Metroplex or in the Dead Universe, Drift keeps searching for the Knights. When all seems lost, he shows up, Great Sword in hand and the Knights of Cybertron in tow and unties with everyone else to stop Shockwave, Nova Prime and their crew.

I doubt that would happen because then what would the Lost Light do afterward with the Knight Quest over?

Drift on Delphi

Sports cars don’t have snow tires.

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