Transformers: Earth Wars – Get Megatron

I defected to the Decepticons! Well, in Transformers: Earth Wars anyway. I started a second account to play as the Decepticons so I can get the full experience from both sides; not to mention being able to make toy comparison videos of the ‘cons too!

Join me as I sign up for the Decepticons and battle to Get Megatron!

Outro by Jon Bailey

Combiner Wars Armada Megatron Video Review

Armada Megatron is an homage to the big bad Decepticon leader from the Transformers: Armada series. We haven’t seen Megatron in this body in the IDW Comics which the Combiner Wars toy line is based on. It will be interesting to see if Megatron adopts this body style as Starscream did during Dark Cybertron or if this is just another repaint.

30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 29

One thing you wish would happen, regardless of how unrealistic it might be

I want to see an epic titan battle. Wait. We got that.

Metroplex wins!

Metroplex is my kinda town!

I want to see Optimus Prime being awesome! Oh, got that too.

Optimus Prime My Name Is

The one true Prime.

I want to see some fembots! What? They’re already here?

Nautica and Chromia

My, what a big wrench you have!

OK, fine. How about Megatron as an Autobot? No way that’s going to happen! You’re kidding me. It’s really going to happen?

Autobot Megatron

Is this Shattered Glass? C’mon!

Fine. I want to see what is in Brainstorm’s briefcase. Oh, and I want to see if he’s going to put the point-one-percenter spark that he took from Luna 1 in it.

Brainstorm Mind Blown


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30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 28

A Voice That You Associate With A Character

From this crowd (and of those who have speaking lines) the only ones that I usually read with a particular voice are Cyclonus, Perceptor, Ultra Magnus and Ratchet – their G1 voices. I also ALWAYS read Optimus Prime with Peter Cullen’s voice.

There are other that I would read in their G1 voice because it was so distinctive but they either haven’t had speaking roles yet (like Cosmos, Powerglide and Inferno) or aren’t in this comic, yet (like Megatron, Starscream and Ironhide).

Amazingly, I don’t read Hoist as having an English accent like he was portrayed in G1 even though that made him so unique. It might also have a bit to do with the fact that he hasn’t had a lot of scenes and his Spotlight was too fast-paced and action-packed for me to think of any particular voice inflection.

Lost Light Crew

The gang’s all here!

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30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 25

Favorite Action/Fight Scene

The titan battle in Dark Cybertron!

Ultra Magnus and the others helped Metroplex get back to Cybertron after using his thumb to find him corroding away underwater on an unknown world. He immediately began fighting against Shockwave’s undead Necrotitan, as if he knew that he needed to be there to protect Cybertron.

Metroplex Battles the Necrotitan

It’s a tale of two cities.

Unfortunately, Metroplex was still weak from all those years away from Cybertron and the Necrotitan quickly gained the upper hand.

Necrotitan gains the upper hand.

I believe in you Metroplex!

Megatron realized that Metroplex was trying desperately to get to the Lost Light because he knew that his thumb was there. Megatron, with the assistance of his new best friend, Bumblebee, used his internal space bridge to transport Metroplex’s thumb right into his waiting hand.

Metroplex smiling

How Metroplex got his thumb back.

This was all the ancient Autobot titan needed to turn the tables and stop not only the Necrotitan, but also the disease that he was spreading throughout the cybertronians in Iacon.

Metroplex wins!

Metroplex is my kinda town!

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30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 21

A Tragic Character

Empurata is a terrible crime that was used all too often by the old Senate. This is but one of many things which brought about the Great War. It was used as a way to publicly shame anyone that disagreed with the Senate by removing their heads and hands and replacing them with the cyclops, claw hands look. Whirl is one such victim.

Whirl had, and still has, a flight-capable alt-mode. During the time of the Senate and the Functionists, this meant that his lot in life was to use that flight capability to the greater benefit of all of Cybertron. It is unclear what his exact flight duties were in the Aerial Corps, but it is known that he was one of the lucky ones to change to a job that was not related to his alt-mode. His chosen profession was a chronosmith – a watchmaker.

Whirls History

I hope he didn’t make Tailgate’s malfunctioning Chronometer.

When he had nothing left to lose, the Senate took his identity by removing his head and hands in an effort to persuade him to join their cause. As he has said, it is very convincing. Before too long, Whirl was working a Senate enforcer and was sent to deliver a message to a certain miner from Tarn who had been wrongly arrested for a barfight that he had not participated in, but was simply at the bar. It would be known years later that this “message” had turned the miner from a peaceful, freedom-fighter who preferred to use words to bring about change into the tyrant that we all know as Megatron, founder and leader of the Decepticons.

As the war loomed near, Whirl’s former commander, Orion Pax, now Optimus Prime, invited Whirl to join the Autobot cause. He did, but he has never been able to release the anger that Empurata and the actions of the Senate has poisoned him with.

Whirls anger

He’s only happy when he’s mad!

He behaves irrationally and violently in nearly every circumstance and shows very little regard for the well being or feelings of others. Truly, Whirl’s actions are more befitting those of a Decepticon than an Autobot, but in war, it can be difficult to determine exactly who the “good guys” really are.

At the end of the day, when Whirl is alone and does not feel the need to maintain his tough-guy image with absurd levels of bravado, he is left alone with his thoughts and his one true longing.

Whirl Wants His Hands Back

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Transformers Comics – Autobot Megatron?

Growing up, I didn’t read a lot of comics. The ones that I do remember were my G1 Transformers comics. I never had a lot and I don’t have them anymore, but I read them a lot! Fast forward about two decades and I was ecstatic when I found the Transformers Comics app for my iPad. I was able to get all those old comics and get caught up on the ones that I missed. It sure filled in a bunch of gaps about some of the toys I have gotten recently, like Thunderwing, Darkmount (Straxus) and others in the Generations line.

But the ones that REALLY got me hooked this time are the new comics. I found them when they were in the middle of the Transformers ongoing series. I loved them so much that I went and got all of the back issues and have been getting the new ones right as soon as they come out. I like the fact that they are modern stories using the G1 characters that we all know and love, but they have a different spin. I think my favorites are the origin stories that are set in the past on Cybertron either before or at the beginning of the war. Megatron Origins is superb. I gotta say that reading that comic made me want to sympathize with the Decepticon cause.

Like may other Transformers fans, I have been hooked on the two current series: Robots In Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye. I tend to like MTMTE more than RID, but I can’t miss an issue of either series. Now the Dark Cybertron story arc is in progress and I like how the two series are overlapping.

The big story now is the anticipation of what comes next. IDW certainly helped with that by tweeting a few covers of the issues that will follow the Dark Cybertron arc. One of them is:

Autobot Megatron

Yeah. Megatron is an Autobot! What is this, some alternate universe? When I first saw this shared on Facebook, I didn’t even notice the Autobrand. I only noticed when I saw someone else’s comment and was very surprised and intrigued. Then, my next thought was “way to spoil it guys!” The last we saw of Megatron was him getting ripped in half by Galvatron an issue or two ago. Then again, this is Transformers – Optimus Prime and Megatron are killed regularly and never stay dead. They are the main characters; of course they won’t stay dead. I just hope this doesn’t mean Rodimus and/or Ultra Magnus are going to be gone. I have always liked those guys and it has really made MTMTE enjoyable. They are both franchise characters too so I expect them to still be with us in some capacity.

I have to hand it to those crafty writers over at IDW. They are definitely keeping us guessing!