30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 16

A Moment When You Knew Everyone Was Screwed

The cover of issue #14 – Overlord with a HUGE evil grin.

Overlord cover

This is not good.

There was certainly a hint of things to come back when Red Alert found him in the basement, but it wasn’t until this cover that I knew everyone was screwed. Within the comic, as soon as Chromedome let slip that Megatron was still alive, that was it. That was the turning point when Overlord stopped feeling sorry for himself and started to turn the tables on Domey.

Megatron's alive?

Oh scrap!

Even then there was still hope that Chromedome might be able to get out, keeping Overlord trapped in the slow cell. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Once he got out and taunted Chromedome, that was it.


Overlord is the Gingerbread Man.



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