30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 8

A Badass Scene

How do you choose just one? How about pick the scenes that the other bots in the story thought were badass?

Bad Aft Orion Pax

When Orion Pax said he’d “drop by”, this is not what I expected.

Swerve and Tailgate are certainly fans of this one; Whirl, not so much. But then again it’s Whirl – he’s pretty badass himself. He’s just hard to impress.

“But wait,” you say, “that’s in a story being told by Chromedome! That doesn’t count!” Well I say it does! But to play by another set of rules in which flashbacks don’t count, try this on for size:

Bad Aft Rodimus

Sparkeater onboard? Cool.

Drift and Skids are clearly Rodimus fanbots on this one, though Rung seems unimpressed. Actually, I think he’s just in shock after having just been used for bait. You just can’t please everyone, even if you’re Rodimus.

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