30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 26

A description or sketch for a human version of one of the characters

You know, I never really thought about this until I saw this day’s topic. Well, there was Cybertronian Homesick Blues, where the bots take on Super Intuitive holomatter Avatars which essentially answers this question for a few.

Super Intuitive Avatars

One of Brainstorms few non-weapon projects.

I thought the characterization was right on – Rewind has the video camera, Skids’ ID card is blank (like his memory), Rung and Swerve are unmistakable, Tailgate is a baby (since he has been offline nearly the entire 6 million years of his life) and Whirl has an eyepatch (so he only has a single useful eye) and guns. Bonus points for the eyepatch on Whirl’s Autobot badge!

I didn’t include Ultra Magnus here since his avatar was simply a representation of Verity Carlo and not of his personality. But you know, it would be interesting to see whether it would end up representing the Ultra Magnus we know and love or Minimus Ambus – the guy in the suit.

Finally, we were treated to Ratchet’s avatar back when he was on Delphi, albeit a corrupted version.

Ratchet's Corrupted Avatar

It’s actually pretty accurate since Ratchet was corroding at the time.

Of course, this is far from a new concept. We can go all the way back to the original G1 comics for the first look at holomatter avatars. Here’s a shot of mine from Transformers Issue #14:

Hoist's Avatar

After all these years, I still do.

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