30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 1

I’ve been following MTMTE since the beginning. I mean even before it was MTMTE (wait, sorry, that’s Day 12). So Day 1 – Favorite character on the Lost Light crew.

This was a tough one because there are so many great ones. I’ve always been a fan of Rodimus and Whirl is fantastic. However, my favorite is this guy:

Cyclonus running

Horn-head coming through!


Cyclonus is another long-time favorite of mine and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching his transition from a grumpy, isolated jerk into what he has become – one of the true heroes of the crew.

Sure he is still pretty much a jerk, but you can’t change who you are. Still, when he joined the Lost Light, he wanted nothing to do with anyone, but now he has come to develop a bond with Tailgate to the point that he truly cares about him – so much so that he risked his spark to save Tailgate’s life.

So, there you go. Favorite Lost Light crew member: Cyclonus. (Even if I was a bit wary of him at first…)

Hoist and Cyclonus

Uh, hi.

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