Ultra Prime Digibash

After seeing confirmation in Transformers #41 (Combiner Wars Part 4), I wanted to see what Ultra Prime would look like in toy form. We already have Optimus Prime and I imagined the other four – Prowl Sunstreaker, Mirage and Ironhide – using the Stunticons since those are the figures most likely to be remolded for these new figures.

My Photoshop skills are not the greatest, but I think it comes across pretty good.

This digibash is, of course, based on this image from the comic:

Ultra Prime Comic

Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Video Review

I review the Angry Birds Transformer two-pack of Sentinel Prime and Bludgeon and the Energon Racers 5-pack with Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Starscream, Lockdown and Soundwave.

The toys are simple, but they unlock some neat features within the game, not the least of which is fully restoring health instantly, without using those precious coins.

My First Video Review!

I’ve been wanting to start making video reviews for a little while and tonight I finally gave it a shot. This was originally meant for just my own test purposes, but it turned out pretty decent so I went ahead and edited it (my first time even opening video editing software!) and got it up on YouTube. It’s certainly not perfect, but it was fun! And that’s what Transformers is all about, right?


Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers – TF: Animated

Welcome to Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers series! In these articles, I will be showing off the top ten transformers figures from my collection. The top ten from each toy line will be chosen and the series will culminate in an overall top ten.

Top_Ten_AnimatedTransformers: Animated (TFA) was chosen by fans of my Facebook page to be the first list presented. TFA was a cartoon series and toyline that was active from 2008 – 2010 and featured a very unique animation and toy design style. This was one of the first toylines to be very faithful to the animation of the cartoon.
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30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 29

One thing you wish would happen, regardless of how unrealistic it might be

I want to see an epic titan battle. Wait. We got that.

Metroplex wins!

Metroplex is my kinda town!

I want to see Optimus Prime being awesome! Oh, got that too.

Optimus Prime My Name Is

The one true Prime.

I want to see some fembots! What? They’re already here?

Nautica and Chromia

My, what a big wrench you have!

OK, fine. How about Megatron as an Autobot? No way that’s going to happen! You’re kidding me. It’s really going to happen?

Autobot Megatron

Is this Shattered Glass? C’mon!

Fine. I want to see what is in Brainstorm’s briefcase. Oh, and I want to see if he’s going to put the point-one-percenter spark that he took from Luna 1 in it.

Brainstorm Mind Blown


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