Hoist’s Top 14 Transformers of 2014

As the Old Year ends and before the New Year begins, I thought it would be fun to look back on the bots that were added to my collection over the past year. Some of these may have been released in years prior, but they didn’t get to me until 2014. Let’s get started…

14. Age of Extinction Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

AOE Optimus

Finally! We got a G1-style truck with a movie aesthetic! It’s not the best Optimus Prime figure from all of the movie lines, but it’s the best one I got this year. That sounds a lot harsher than I mean it. This is a really nice figure and I’m happy to have it.

13. Age of Extinction Hound

AOE Hound

Guns guns and more guns! Seven guns in total come with this figure (and a knife) which has got to be some sort of record for a single figure. Hound has those weird-looking arms and the kibble hand-guards, but other than that, he is a fantastic figure who has room to store all of those seven guns which is amazing!

12. TF Collector’s Club Subscription Service Chromedome and Rewind


How can I not put these two together? They are the reason that I signed up for the subscription service in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of the other figures too (though Thrustinator is an odd one), it’s just that these two stand out due to their relationship in the More Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) comics. It certainly helps that they chose the outstanding TF:Prime Wheeljack mold for Domey.

11. Mech iDeas Gauntlet (aka Ironfist aka Fisitron)


Like many, I’m a big fan of the Last Stand of the Wreckers comic and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Ironfist was one of my favorite characters. As he had a fairly small appearance in just that comic and not much other exposure to speak of otherwise, naturally, Hasbro had not put out a figure of him (unless you count the repaint of FOC Roadbuster in the subscription service). Thankfully, the third party gang came to the rescue with this guy! He was originally supposed to be released under some other company but got scrapped. Fortunately, Mech iDeas picked him up and added him to their Demolition Crue (aka Wreckers) line along with their version of Topspin and Twintwist (also both awesome). The best part though was that he was available at a very reasonable price for a third party figure.

10. Botcon 2014 Pounce and Wingspan


I wasn’t able to get to Botcon this year, but I HAD to have these figures! I still have my G1 Pounce and Wingspan figures and these guys are using the phenomenal TF:Prime Vehicon molds. Roll all that together and these were can’t miss figures for me!

9. Perfect Effect Warden (aka Fortress Maximus)


This guy is the perfect representation of the MTMTE Fort Max in robot mode and he is full of die cast parts, articulation and such sturdy joints he’s almost impossible to knock over no matter what pose you have him in! He even has a really nice headmaster mode to fit with a G1 Fortress Maximus figure (which I don’t have) and a, well, subpar alt-mode. Even though I have no use for his other two modes, the perfection that is his robot mode still ranks him very high on this list but he’d be at the top if he had a better alt-mode.

8. Masterpiece Bumblebee

MP Bumblebee

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Bumblebee? He has a highly detailed and accurate vehicle mode. He has a very fun and clever transformation. He looks great and in perfect scale in robot mode. He even came with Spike (or Daniel if you prefer) in a transforming Exo-Suit! We have certainly been inundated with Bumblebees from the movie lines, but this is a must-have ‘Bee!

7. Masterpiece Wheeljack

MP Wheeljack

You know the drill with the Masterpiece line by now – perfect vehicle mode, nearly perfect robot mode, fantastic articulation, complex but fun transformation, LOADS of nostalgia. Wheeljack does not disappoint on any front. The only way that Wheeljack could be better is if his ears light up like he’s talking. I’ll bet there are customizers out there working on that right now.

6. Autobot Specialists Mirage


This is a version of the Classics Mirage that came in a three-pack with Ironhide and Hound. I’m very impressed with the articulation he has considering the time period that he was originally released and he has a great paint job. On top of all that, he’s my first Mirage figure!

5. Generations Arcee


Nearly 30 years of waiting and, finally, we have a proper G1-style Arcee figure to add to our collections! Arcee just barely makes this list as she arrived today, the last day of the year! She is beautiful and very articulated. Super sturdy joints and deceptively stable yet petite feet allow her to hold a variety of action poses. I’ve only had her a few hours, but I look forward to lots of fun to come!

4. MakeToys Trash-Talk (aka Swerve) and My First Blaster

Trash-Talk and MFB

This year, Hasbro gave us a really nice Swerve figure, but this version from MakeToys is just a bit better for me as my MTMTE Swerve. First of all, the articulation is a tad better and he has a more Cybertronian alt-mode whereas Hasbro’s Swerve’s is Earth-based.To top it all off – MakeToys also created his My First Blaster gun (sold separately) as seen in MTMTE #18 and included a tray with some drinks since he runs the Lost Light’s bar!

3. Masterpiece Soundwave

MP Soundwave

Soundwave arrive early this year and has been gracing my shelf (and a number of toy comics) since then. His overall aesthetic is spot on to the original G1 cartoon and he even has a double-jointed elbow which allows him to press the eject button on his shoulder! The accessories that he came with only add to the nostalgia such as a fantastic Laserbeak and gun-mode Megatron!

2. Masterpiece Grimlock

MP Grimlock

After missing out on him when he was out a few years ago (since I hadn’t started collecting again yet) I was fortunate enough to snag Grimlock from Toys R Us and I’m so happy that I did. He filled a gaping Tyrannosaurus Rex-shaped hole in my collection. His tail-wag-head-turn gimmick is a little wonky and unnecessary, but it doesn’t detract from what is truly a Masterpiece.

1. MakeToys Green Giant (aka Devastator)

Green Giant

He is a humungous green killing machine! Green Giant is highly articulated and stable for such a large figure and the best part is that he is also six smaller figures! Bet you didn’t know that! OK, I’m sure you did. Still, Each of the six Constructicons is fairly representative of the original G1 characters and are also highly-articulated and unique figures. With the possible exception of Hook (who carries Devy’s head around on his foot), it is not at all obvious that these figures are part of a combiner. That is a huge achievement and I have had great fun with this set in both combined a team modes. Sure he’s pricey, but I couldn’t be happier with him.

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