30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 24

The Character That First Stood Out To You


Swerve Yay!


I was familiar with most of the characters on the Lost Light, but Swerve was a new one to me. After reading some older issues, I realized that he was around, but as not much more than a background guy. Now, he’s one of the main guys.

He stood out immediately because he was the comic relief from the very first issue.

Swerve, the Questbot.

Swerve, the Questbot.

Every time he has shown up from then on, it is there has been some comedy involved, whether he is cracking a joke or is the butt of one. Either way, it puts a smile on my face.

Swerve having a riveting conversation.


I have seen a few other blogs that got this far and Swerve seems to be a popular guy for this Day 24 and it’s pretty obvious why:

Swerve, idol of millions

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