30 Day MTMTE Challenge – Day 5

Favorite DJD Member

Sure Helex has his own smelting pool, Kaon has his sparkeater pet, Tesarus has that grinder thing in his chest and Vos has that face, but Tarn wins my vote because he can kill with his voice!


My spark just shrank a little by hearing that.

This guy has a double fusion cannon on his arm, wears the Decepticon insignia on his face and is a ruthless killing machine, but he still appreciates the finer things in life like music and literature. He is also Megatron’s number one fanbot – he regularly quotes from Megatron’s writings and even took his name from Megatron’s home city-state. His, and the rest of the DJD’s, methods are so cruel and painful that everyone, Autobot and Decepticon alike fear them.


You don’t want to see this in your rearview mirror!

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