My First Video Review!

I’ve been wanting to start making video reviews for a little while and tonight I finally gave it a shot. This was originally meant for just my own test purposes, but it turned out pretty decent so I went ahead and edited it (my first time even opening video editing software!) and got it up on YouTube. It’s certainly not perfect, but it was fun! And that’s what Transformers is all about, right?


Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers – TF: Animated

Welcome to Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers series! In these articles, I will be showing off the top ten transformers figures from my collection. The top ten from each toy line will be chosen and the series will culminate in an overall top ten.

Top_Ten_AnimatedTransformers: Animated (TFA) was chosen by fans of my Facebook page to be the first list presented. TFA was a cartoon series and toyline that was active from 2008 – 2010 and featured a very unique animation and toy design style. This was one of the first toylines to be very faithful to the animation of the cartoon.
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Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers – Coming Soon!


Everyone wants on the Top Ten List!

Wow! Has it really been over three months since I last posted anything here? I guess I’ve been spending too much time over on my Facebook page. It’s funny that I set that up meaning to be a way to advertise the blog over here, but that has ended up being what I spend most of my time using. I think it’s because of the nearly instantaneous feedback over there and practically built in fan base, not to mention being able to interact with some other great pages.

Anyway. I’ll still be spending my time there, but occasionally I get the urge to write some longer article than what is appropriate in a  Facebook post. One of those topics is Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers. I got the idea from another page over on the ‘Book (Bombshell the Insecticon), but I haven’t been able to narrow it down to just ten. My first crack at it only got me down to 58! Ha! Since I can’t narrow down my favorite TF toys to only ten without going through at least one preliminary round first. I think the best way to do this is to pick a top ten from each of the product lines (continuities?) and then try to narrow down to an overall top ten from there. Those categories are:

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Masterpiece Soundwave!

I have been wanting this guy since I heard he was coming out. I was hoping to get the Hasbro version from Toys R Us because that one came with all of the tapes and was a bit less expensive. When he first came out, I went to the store numerous times and constantly checked the website, but I was never successful. Well, I finally gave up and decided to go with the Takara Tomy version since it was on sale and he finally arrived today! Smokescreen came along for the ride, too.


I continue to be amazed by the Masterpiece line and I’m sorry that I missed out on so many because I wasn’t focused on getting these toys that I love. I remember seeing Masterpiece Grimlock in the store a bunch of times a few years ago, but I never picked him up.

Anyway, Soundwave is everything that I thought it would be and I couldn’t be happier! I’ll take some time to write up a review  on both of these guys (and all my other toys!) soon.