Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers – Generations

Welcome to Hoist’s Top Ten Transformers series! In these articles, I will be showing off the top ten transformers figures from my collection. The top ten from each toy line will be chosen and the series will culminate in an overall top ten. Top_Ten_Generations This Generations list includes all of the lines that more-or-less homage the original characters (commonly called CHUG for Classics, Henkei, United, Generations) but also includes lines such as the RTS (Reveal The Shield) line. Also, even though the War for Cybertron (WFC) and Fall of Cybertron (FOC) figures were released under the Generations line, I felt there were enough of them to warrant a list of their own. This was a very difficult line to narrow down to just a top ten partly because there are just so many that fall into this category, but also because there are so many fantastic figures. I know that I have left out a lot of great figures and I also know that if I were to make this list again in a few months, it’s highly likely that it would look different. In fact, one of the figures that made this list has only been in my collection for about a week! Let’s get to the list! Continue reading

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My First Video Review!

I’ve been wanting to start making video reviews for a little while and tonight I finally gave it a shot. This was originally meant for just my own test purposes, but it turned out pretty decent so I went ahead and edited it (my first time even opening video editing software!) and got it up on YouTube. It’s certainly not perfect, but it was fun! And that’s what Transformers is all about, right?