Masterpiece Soundwave!

I have been wanting this guy since I heard he was coming out. I was hoping to get the Hasbro version from Toys R Us because that one came with all of the tapes and was a bit less expensive. When he first came out, I went to the store numerous times and constantly checked the website, but I was never successful. Well, I finally gave up and decided to go with the Takara Tomy version since it was on sale and he finally arrived today! Smokescreen came along for the ride, too.


I continue to be amazed by the Masterpiece line and I’m sorry that I missed out on so many because I wasn’t focused on getting these toys that I love. I remember seeing Masterpiece Grimlock in the store a bunch of times a few years ago, but I never picked him up.

Anyway, Soundwave is everything that I thought it would be and I couldn’t be happier! I’ll take some time to write up a review  on both of these guys (and all my other toys!) soon.

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